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Below is a list of services that I can provide for
you and/or your company.....

Please contact me and I would be happy to provide additional information and samples of these services.

Complete Website Design

Total design of a unique and professional looking website at a surprisingly affordable price!

See the "About" page for more examples...

Logo and Banner Design

If you do not have a logo or letter head design, I can help you!

Digital photo touchups and special effects

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I can do everything from red-eye removal to touching up skin imperfections, to lightening or darkening a photo, to removing unwanted background clutter. I can add special effects like "Glamour Shot" softening, black and white or sepia conversion, colorizing, de-colorizing, focal blurring and much, much more.

I can create photo collages for sports, special events, weddings, products, etc.

I have also merged photos to overlay headshots. The image to the right is a contractor that was overlaid on a picture of a new house blueprint. I have even successfully merged family photos to appear as though they were in the same place when in fact, they were miles apart when the photos were taken.

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Photo DVD's

I can take your collection of digital photos and create a beautiful video on DVD. This is much more than just cool transition effects between photos, this video includes special effects of zooming and panning of the images as well as background music that is synchronized with the video. This could be family photos or even your wedding photos!
Click here to see a few minutes of a video I created for Misty Meadows Bed & Breakfast of Lancaster, PA 

Digital Photography

I can take digital photos for your company of products and/or services.