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For those of us who just love our pets, I offer reasonably priced, customized pet portraits burned into basswood, or if you prefer, heavy paper suitable for framing.  I do not have a laser etching machine; all of my work is done stroke-by-stroke by hand; every hair is burned with care.  I strive to bring your pets to life in the wood or paper, whether they are alive and well today, or only left to live in your heart. Each pyrograph is highly detailed to realistically replicate your reference photos. Each piece is finished with a water-resistant sealant.  A hanger or wire easel can be added for a minimal fee.

Commissioned work is not limited to just pets. Options are virtually limitless, so please don't hesitate to contact me and talk about your ideas. I am open to most projects, but reserve the right to refuse any I wish not to create. Look for the option for human portraits coming by late summer.

Most often I use live-edge (bark bordered) basswood wood slices. The average size is 7" x 12" rectangle or oval, but these measurements are subject to change as each piece of wood is completely natural and not exact. If you want larger or smaller pieces, allow for extra time to obtain those as basswood is not native to Alabama and requires ordering.

The process is pretty simple:

1. You supply a clear, high resolution digital photo, description and concept for your custom piece.
2. We will chat to gather details like composition, deadlines, natural burn or add color, etc.
3. Once we have an agreement of what the piece should look like, a 50% deposit is required before burning starts.
4. The image is transferred and burned by hand into the basswood or heavy paper.
5. If shipping is required, an image of the finished piece will be sent to you for approval and for final payment
    before shipping by USPS.

My starting fee for a 7” x 12” single Rectangular or Oval pet portrait is $65.
Currently, please allow 3 weeks for delivery for a single pet portrait.

Please contact me for a quote on any multi-pet portraits… or other ideas you have for pieces that are not pet portraits.

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